Temples of BBQ

Temples of BBQ is the Big Boy’s guide to the Temples of BBQ across the USA. "Temples" won the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Award in 2016 for Best BBQ Cookbook in the World.

Join Lance Rosen and his family on the BBQ road trip of a lifetime through the Southern and Midwest states. They drove over 6000 kilometres in 26 days and ate at 69 BBQ and soul food joints. They focused on the true Temples of BBQ, where the pitmasters are like preachers with their own congregation of followers.

Gourmand Winner

American BBQ is as regional in its styles as wine is in France or pasta is in Italy. Temples of BBQ explains the differences in the regions, shows you where to go, what to eat and then gives you the recipes and techniques to create the perfect BBQ and soul food at home… wherever that may be. It is as much a travel guide as a recipe book.

Welcome to the world of real BBQ – Hallelujah.


Temples of BBQ includes over 60 BBQ recipes to make at home, illustrated by Dean Cambrays stunning food photography. Here are three recipes to whet your appetite.

“Lance sets a new standard, the Rosen standard of smoked BBQ. He knows every pit and smokehouse from Alabama to New York and he’s a man you can trust to know about great, wholesome and truly delicious food.”

– Gary Mehigan

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Temples of BBQ book Gourmand Winner
  • 366 pages plus covers
  • Over 60 BBQ recipes to make at home
  • Signed by the author
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Temples of BBQ won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best BBQ cookbook in the World in 2016. Temples is also available at Big Boy BBQ ( and the best BBQ stores and butcher shops around Australia.

Cooking Classes

Zero to Hero Sausage Masterclass with the Sausage Sensei, Bill Dumas

Join the Master of Sausage, Bill Dumas, from Brotherton’s Black Iron BBQ in Texas, for a hands on masterclass assisted and moderated by David Ong from Pitmaster University, Perth and yours truely Lance Rosen from Big Boy BBQ & Southern Grace Diner

This is the class for the true sausage foodie

Working in groups of 4 people, creating 2 – 4 types of sausage under the tutelage of the Sausage Sensei, Bill and myself

This class will cover everything from A-Z about the making and smoking of sausage, with all the tips and tricks from Bill Dumas

All questions will be answered and you will leave confident with the knowledge to make your own unique sausages

Starting at midday and running for approximately 4 – 5 hours, the class will finish when all questions have been asked and answered

The cost of this one off masterclass is $700

It includes unique sausage tastings throughout the class from Bill, Dave and Lance. All of your sausage creations made on the day are yours to take home

Beers, ciders and soft drinks will be available for purchase on the day

There is a maximum limit of 20 people for this HANDS ON class. Get in quick so you don’t miss out as we expect this class to sell out early

Please note, no refunds will be allowed. If you cannot make it on the day, you can transfer your ticket

  • Date: 14th October 2023
  • Location: Cheltenham Vic, Address will be emailed the week before the class
  • What to bring: Yourself and all your sausage questions, an appetite for meat and a sense of humour
  • Fully booked

Southern Grace Diner BBQ Degustation Class

In this class, we do it all…BBQ meats, sides and sweets, all made in front of you and served up in a progressive degustation menu style

This class brings all the extras to make your BBQ meats shine. Amaze them with the meats, dazzle them with the sides and wow them with the sweets

Join the pioneer of Low and Slow BBQ in Australia and award winning Temples of BBQ cookbook author, Mr Big Boy BBQ, Lance Rosen for a 4-5 hour demonstration class with a degustation meal of all the food that he prepares in front of you

Beers and ciders and soft drinks are included in the costs. We are still under the responsible service of alcohol restrictions in line with our liquor license

Starting at 11am and finishing when all questions have been asked and answered. Cost is $300 per person

There is a maximum limit of 10 people for this class. Please note that if there is not enough interest for the class, it will be cancelled at our discretion and all payments refunded

The class degustation menu can be viewed on our social media accounts (Insta and Facebook)

Please note, no refunds if cancelling less than 72 hours prior as all meats and ingredients would have already been purchased

  • Date: 15th January 2023
  • Location: Southern Grace Diner by Big Boy BBQ
  • What to bring: Yourself and all your BBQ questions, an appetite for meat and a sense of humour
  • Fully booked